Welders - Stick required and MIG or TIG- Sign-on
Job Opportunity at J.D. Cotter Search, Inc.

Posted on May 18

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Location: Evansville, IN
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4147426

Here are expansion opportunities for experienced welders.  TIG required, MIG a plus!
Welders – Evansville, IN area -- $22-23.72/hr – Generous sign on bonus and relocation assistance!
The company is a leading supplier of components to the U.S. government. 
We are currently searching for qualified welders to fill vacancies at our Evansville (Mt. Vernon, IN) facility.  Those selected for this position will perform a variety of welding operations, including but not limited to the use of automatic and robotic metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas  (TIG) equipment to produce acceptable quality welds in accordance with prescribed quality control procedures.
Duties for the Welder include: 
  • Identify and perform basic layouts to determine clad limit lines, weld size, spacing, etc.
  • Set up, align and level job.
  • Move equipment and components to and from workstation.
  • Attach preheat torches inside and outside, maintaining proper preheat temperatures.
  • Set up and tear down scaffold, when necessary.
  • Place heating pads when required.
  • Install and remove mechanical flux rings.
  • Responsible for using proper wire and flux for job to be performed.
  • Inspect welds by removing slag with pick.
  • Grind and arc-air to remove defects.
  • Buff, grind, and clean surfaces prior to welding and grind completed welds to drawing requirements.
  • Use gauges (fillet, offset, etc.) as required.
  • Make machine adjustments as the job dictates, including wire straightener or electrode tip.
  • Keep own equipment and work area clean and orderly.
  • Perform minor maintenance on equipment and assists maintenance personnel as required.
  • Verify identity and physical characteristics of materials as required.
  • Maintain necessary records.
More info about our shop floor:
  • Our shop floor is divided into two main production areas based on the product being manufactured.  One side focuses primarily on MIG and stick, while the other side of the shop focuses primarily on TIG and stick.
  • Both sides of the shop operate on the same shift schedules and team structure mentioned above; however, the types of certifications you would need will vary depending on the side of the shop to which you are assigned.
  • Both production areas focus on low-volume, high engineering production.  Our average build time is in the 3-5 year range, and our welders are involved in the entire fabrication process.  Rather than churning out the same parts all day, every day, you may be doing one type of welding/fabrication today and something entirely different a few months down the road as the build progresses.  This can be a nice change of pace, and it’s always nice to be able to see the end results of your labor, especially when the build takes as long as ours does.

Requirements for the Welder:
     •  High school diploma or equivalent and must satisfactorily complete all prescribed proficiency  
     •  A minimum of 1- 10  years on-the-job experience. 
     •  Due to our work with the federal government, U.S. citizenship, with no dual citizenship, is also  
        required.   Candidates must pass a background check.  The company cannot hire persons 
        who have a felony conviction.

     $22-23.72/hr plus overtime, plus generous sign-on bonus, plus relocation assistance, plus excellent big  
     company benefits
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